5 Free Tools for Online Proofreading


Sometime when we have a different native language and the communication language we use for our business then there are chances that we make mistakes while writing articles, presentation. Official letters etc. and such silly mistakes we can’t afford thus I prefer to use few tools which helps me to improve my language as well as helps me to do proofreading my articles.

To create a perfect and error free article, here I am listing 5 useful tools which will help you to keep a check on your grammatical errors:

Polish my writings

Polishmywriting offers you a Chrome extension, Firefox add-on as well as WordPress plugin for checking your grammar, spelling and provides you style suggestions too. It helps you to take care of complex phrases, passive voice, remove cliches, inappropriate verbs and more. Overall gives you good help to improve your all common writing errors.


Unlike above tool, SpellChecker.net offers you facility to check your content in more than 25 languages. It improves your grammar as well as suggest different treasures. Apart from that you can also spell check your whole website with SpellChecker.net that too quickly. You just need to enter your Website URL and email ID and you are done but it’s more appropriate for small websites.


Jspell helps you to check contents in different languages like French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and it also supports medical language which is useful for bloggers who have health related niche. To use Jspell, you just need to paste or write content and click on “Spell Check” and you are done. Jspell will provide you all errors with appropriate suggestions.


Just like other online spelling checker tool,GrammarCheck helps you to check spelling as well as grammar for your article. GrammarCheck only supports English language but one thing I like about GrammarCheck is that it provide lots of useful articles which helps you to improve your English grammar and writing too which is very important for bloggers.

How do you spell

How-do-you-spell.net helps you to proof read your content in 17 different languages and also provides synonyms, threasus options tomake your content rich and professional. It also keep check on right grammar. I like the interface of this tool as its user-friendly and with useful options.



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3 Responses to 5 Free Tools for Online Proofreading

  1. I never used these services.. I use MS-Word in general. Anywayz thanks for sharing such sites 🙂

  2. Asiru Nasir says:

    All are good… thanks for the list…

  3. Janet Davids says:

    I have found these tools extremely useful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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